3 Factors That Make Up a Resilient Roof

3 Factors That Make Up a Resilient Roof

The roof is one of the strongest parts of your home, perhaps, only second to the very foundation of your home stands. It has to be strong since it’s the first line of defence against weather and harsh sunlight. Resilient is a word that easily describes a roof, but what exactly makes it as resilient as it is?

1. Wind Resistance

Wind resistance is a key factor in the overall resiliency of a roof. While building codes affect the overall design of the roof, there are other things that affect the roof’s overall wind resistance. Material is the most obvious, with certain higher-rated materials faring better against strong winds. Tile, metal and higher-grade asphalt are some good examples.

2. Impact Resistance

It’s not uncommon for strong winds to carry debris ranging from small twigs to hailstones the size of golf balls and is the reason why impact resistance works hand-in-hand with wind resistance. Similarly, material plays a role on how durable the roof is against impact damage, but it’s also affected by the cover board reinforced by a membrane that covers the insulation layer and the roof membrane. The higher your roof’s impact resistance, the more time frame there is between preventive roof repair.

3. Insulation

Finally, there’s insulation. While many homeowners think this only affects how comfortable the house is, it also helps keep the roof as healthy as possible. Poor attic insulation on top of lack of ventilation are the leading causes of roof rot and premature disrepair, with moisture damage and leaks easily forming. When a roof is well insulated, it’s better equipped to withstand everything that Mother Nature throws at it.

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