4 Most Common Reasons for Roofing Service Calls

4 Most Common Reasons for Roofing Service Calls

There are many reasons why a homeowner would schedule a roofing service call, and most of the time, the causes require roof repair. Here are the most common reasons behind roofer service calls.

  1. Weather-Related Damage — Storm or hail damage is one of the reasons for urgent service calls, and for good reason. The longer storm-damaged roofs remain unrepaired, the greater the chances of further damage. In some situations, the homeowner may be left without shelter, risking further issues with the property. Homeowners also need a roofer for insurance purposes as insurance providers require documentation of the damage and an estimate of the repair costs.

  1. Damaged, Dislodged or Missing Flashing — Flashings are the strips of metal that protect vulnerable areas, such as valleys, vent pipes and where the roof meets a wall or dormer. Flashing can get damaged, dislodged or even removed by wind, which can leave these areas vulnerable to water intrusion. Whereas some homeowners assume flashing is a decorative component, those who know better would call a roofer once they notice a problem with their roof’s flashing.

  1. Poor Attic Ventilation — Attic ventilation is an essential yet often overlooked part of a roofing system. Trapped heat and moisture in the attic can cause damage to the insulation and the roof structure. It can also make the indoor space uncomfortably hot. A properly built roof should have exhaust vents at the ridges and intake vents at the soffit to encourage proper air flow. We get service calls to address issues like improperly proportioned exhaust and intake vents, or if the attic is getting insufficient air flow. In such cases, electric or solar-powered exhaust fans may be installed on the roof.

  1. Neglected Roofs — More than a few homeowners are simply unaware of how important roof maintenance and inspections are. Regular inspections allow roofers to find minor problems with the roof and address them before they become bigger problems with higher repair costs. Some of our service calls are for roofing damage that could have been prevented had the homeowner adhered to a maintenance routine. After such service calls, we also help educate our customers on how regular roof maintenance can result in savings from future repair costs.

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