A Look at Today’s Top Roofing Technology Trends

A Look at Today’s Top Roofing Technology Trends

The roofing sector is making strides in the advancement of its technology. The trends that improve on what we know range from the creation of better roofing materials to more advanced methods to inspect, repair and replace the hardware.

A Look at Today's Top Roofing Technology Trends

Superior Roofing, your local roofing company, shares some of today’s top roofing trends and how they affect you as a homeowner.

Drone Technology

Perhaps the most impactful technological trend in the roofing sector right now is drone technology. By way of advancing tech and accessibility, these little flyers are no longer seen as just toys. Today, they are great tools for many roofing businesses.

Drones with 4k cameras are becoming more common, and this allows a professional roofer to take more detailed pictures of potential problem spots and safety hazards on the roof while reducing the overall risk during the job. These high-quality pictures also allow homeowners to have a more in-depth visual understanding of the roof.

Safety Innovations

There are also several safety innovations that are helping roofers and homeowners alike make repair and replacement projects safer and easier to do. These include GPS tech for crews and sensors on vests that detect body temperature, allowing workers to know when they are starting to overheat.

Energy-Efficient Materials

This trend is actually the “oldest” one and has been a driving force in the industry since the advent of more energy-efficient materials, such as metal and “green” roofs. Manufacturers like GAF are creating energy-efficient shingle systems with their patented materials that help homeowners reduce their energy costs.

These are just some of the many trends in the industry that you should be aware of. At Superior Roofing, we are always looking for more efficient and innovative ways to provide you with excellent roof repair, replacement and installation services.

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