Accessories Your Roof Should Have

Accessories Your Roof Should Have

Most roofing systems require more than just the usual roof deck and shingles. There are several roofing accessories that can help you get the most out of your roof and even help improve its overall performance and life span. As a roofing company that knows what your roof needs, we talk about some accessories your own roof should have.

Accessories Your Roof Should Have

Better Gutters

Many homeowners choose the most basic gutter systems, without considering the role they play in keeping the home safe – especially your foundation – from the effects of pooling rainwater. Consider investing in better gutter systems like seamless gutters, which minimize the chances of leaks since they’re basically made from a single length of gutter.

These types of gutters require little maintenance, which eliminates the need to re-apply sealants and will need repainting less often. If you still experience overflows despite having well-maintained gutters, consider replacing them with K-style gutters; the larger troughs accommodate more rainwater, preventing overflows even during heavy downpours.

Attic Ventilation

While almost every roofing system has vents in the soffits, it’s not enough to eliminate unwanted heat and moisture from the attic. Since heat tends to rise, what happens in these roofing systems is that heat collects at the highest point in the attic, causing damage to the decking, trusses and rafters, and necessitating unplanned roof repair. This is where attic ventilation accessories are ideal. Products such as ridge vents allow heat and moisture to escape. The resulting air pressure pulls cool air through the soffit vents, creating continuous circulation. For larger roofs, there are solar-powered fans that can be installed near the ridge area.

Ice and Water Guard

A typical roofing system features a layer of waterproofing material called underlayment or felt. In many cases, this layer is enough to protect the roof deck from water intrusion. However, if your roof is prone to water intrusion at the roof edges, valleys and other areas that require flashing, an accessory called the ice and water guard may be needed. It’s a waterproofing material that sticks to vulnerable areas and bolsters the underlayment.

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