Can Your Roof Make Your Home Energy-Efficient?

Can Your Roof Make Your Home Energy-Efficient?

A growing number of homeowners have jumped on the energy efficiency movement in recent years, making changes to their lifestyles as well as the way they build and run their homes. The roof repair and replacement industry has, therefore, expanded to include “green” alternatives to their usual line of products to meet the rise in demand.

Believe or not, your choice of roofing can affect the overall energy efficiency of your home just as much as choosing eco-friendly building materials and energy-efficient appliances. There are many ways your roof can save you money on your energy bills.

Choose the Right Roof

Metal has been used as a roof replacement material for decades, particularly in commercial and industrial buildings. However, its popularity as a residential roof has only recently happened. As far as eco-friendly and recyclable materials go, metal roofs are the number one choice. Today, it comes in a wide variety of designs that help it to blend seamlessly with whatever style your home has. Moreover, metal roofs are also designed to reflect more heat, helping your home keep cool even under direct sunlight.

Insulate Your Attic

Many homeowners underestimate just how useful proper attic insulation underneath a roofing system can be. The space in your attic serves as a ‘buffer’ between your interiors and the heat that your roof has absorbed. With the right insulation coupled with adequate ventilation, you can easily save a lot on your annual energy costs from your attic alone.

Use Reflective Coating

While metal roofing systems usually come with their own reflective coating, it doesn’t mean your old shingled roof can’t have the same benefits. Ask your local contractor about reflective coating options for other roofing materials to further improve your energy efficiency.

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