DIY Roof Repair Risks Many Homeowners Realize Too Late

DIY Roof Repair Risks Many Homeowners Realize Too Late

Roofing projects don’t lend themselves to DIY because they’re inherently hazardous. A one-minute climb to the top is just one misstep away from an accident. If you fall, the best-case scenario is a small scratch, but a broken bone isn’t the worst.

Roof Repair

Apart from serious injury, though, there are many potential consequences of fixing your own roof. Superior Roofing explains why you should leave your roof repair needs to professionals:

Botched Work

Regardless of the scope of damage, any roof repair job requires some degree of proficiency and leaves no room for error. The worse is you wouldn’t know you’ve made a mistake until it rains.

Nullified Product Warranty

Any roofer would say that incorrect installation would automatically void the product’s warranty. Nailing the shingle too many times or reusing old but salvageable flashings are two of the most common rookie mistakes.

No Workmanship Coverage

DIYers generally skip professional roofing services to save on labor not realizing they’re not just paying for the time and energy of roofers. If you hire a seasoned roof repair company, you’d also be paying for its wealth of experience. Flawless workmanship separates pros from amateurs, which comes with the guarantee that the job was excellently done. In case of premature failure, a professional roofing contractor would dispatch its repair crew to correct any mistake.

You won’t have this luxury if you do it yourself. Any blunder you make will be on you, potentially costing you more time, energy and money. In the end, you might have to call in a professional roofing company to fix it.

At Superior Roofing, we have the experience, expertise and reputation to deliver excellent roof repairs the first time. If you need to file an insurance claim for your damaged roof, we can assist you in navigating the process and ensure you receive adequate compensation. Contact us today for your free estimate in Columbus, GA, Auburn, AL, or any nearby areas.