GAF Lifetime Designer Shingles Value Collection®: An Overview

GAF Lifetime Designer Shingles Value Collection®: An Overview

When you’re looking for an asphalt shingle roof that has a good balance between cost and aesthetics, look no further than GAF Lifetime Designer Shingles Value Collection®. Here’s an overview of these unique, exciting and affordable roofing products from GAF.

Sienna® Lifetime Designer Shingles

There are Old World home styles that require a certain type of roofing, typically ones that look like fish scales or overlapping diamond-shaped patterns. This type of roofing is typically made of cedar and requires a lot of labor from a roofer with specific skills to the point where the installation cost can be prohibitive.

With Sienna® Lifetime Designer Shingles, GAF has made it possible for homeowners to give an Old World home an authentic and luxurious look. Homeowners can enjoy the benefits of quality asphalt shingles: exceptional wind resistance, relatively low maintenance and affordable cost. Roofing equipped with Sienna Lifetime Designer Shingles look so good that these homes have been featured in print and web pages of magazines, such as Southern Living and This Old House.

Slateline® Lifetime Designer Shingles

Slateline® Lifetime Designer Shingles look exactly like slate roofing when viewed from the ground, thanks to its bold shadow lines and tapered cutouts. Premium color blends further emulate the look and texture of slate, which lets you have that classic slate look for your home at a fraction of the cost. As with all other GAF Lifetime Designer Shingles, Slateline Lifetime Designer Shingles are designed with Advanced Protection® Shingle Technology, which makes GAF roofing systems sustainable and durable. Also, StainGuard® Protection technology helps protect the roof from stains caused by blue-green algae.

Woodland® Lifetime Designer Shingles

Hand-cut European shingles exude a rustic yet stylish look, which is difficult to achieve using modern installation methods. Woodland® Lifetime Designer Shingles make it possible to have an authentic-looking wood shingle roof without breaking the bank. Custom color palettes and advanced manufacturing technologies emulate the irregularities of natural wood, but not its high maintenance requirements. As with all GAF roofing systems installed by a GAF Master Elite® contractor, GAF Lifetime Designer Shingles are eligible for the best warranty coverage in the business, including the GAF Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty.

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