How Moisture Can Damage Your Home

How Moisture Can Damage Your Home

Moisture can easily enter your home if you have a faulty roofing system. This problem, when not taken care of, can cause damage both to your house and your health. 

How Moisture Can Damage Your Home

Here’s everything you need to know about this pesky problem.

Forms of Moisture

Liquid – When water falls from the sky, it goes in different, unexpected directions as it hits roofs. With the right timing and positioning, moisture may be absorbed by the roof’s material.

Gas – Moisture vapor, small microscopic droplets in the air travel through tiny openings by air current. Simple activities like cooking, bathing, washing clothes and even watering plants can add moisture to the indoor air. It can also enter a house through improper roof or attic venting.

Solid – This includes ice and snow. Freezing expands water by up to 10%, a force that can crack brittle and non-expansive materials. Snow adds weight to the roof and holds moisture against the structure.

Moisture Movement

Moisture can move through either gravity or gradients. Gravity carries moisture past the roofing to the home interior. Gradient is classified into three: movement by changes in temperature (thermal), movement from high-pressure areas to low-pressure areas (pressure) or movement from wet areas to dry areas (concentration).

Decay, Corrosion and Leakage

Granular materials like drywall absorb water between particles, decreasing the material’s sturdiness. When saturated, ceiling drywall tends to sag.

Cellulose-based products like wood can rot when moisture levels reach 20%. Wood is a popular material used in homes, making decay a major problem when not detected early. Have the deteriorating areas repaired or replaced by an experienced roofing company like Superior Roofing.

Connectors and fasteners that hold the roof framing in place are usually made of metal, which is prone to corrosion under the right conditions.

Health Problems

Mold can start to form in areas with around 20% moisture level. These fungi release spores that – when inhaled – can cause health issues. People with compromised respiratory or immune systems and allergies are at risk of fungal infections.

Indoor Comfort

The more moisture there is in your home, the more humid the air inside your home becomes. Your HVAC system will work harder, leading to increased energy costs during the cold season.

Inspect your roof to see if there are damaged areas. Have roof repair experts like Superior Roofing perform a maintenance check on your roof to avoid leaks. It’s better to act before the damage gets worse. For more than three decades, we have been providing excellent roofing services to homeowners in Columbus, GA, and Auburn, AL. Contact us today to learn more about our products and for a free estimate, or call us at (706) 322-9032 (Columbus) or (334) 821-8411 (Auburn).