How Technology Improves Roofing Services

How Technology Improves Roofing Services

Roofing has become more efficient in recent years, thanks to the technological advancements that have made service safer and faster. New tools in the industry help us complete projects and ensure that our customers get what they want. Here’s how technology has improved our work.

How Technology Improves Roofing Services

Easier Visuals

Before, planning for a new roof required imagination. That’s why many shingles look good in theory, but fail upon installation. With technology, we can give you a practical preview of your installation. For example, we use the GAF remodeler app. It lets us take a snapshot of your roof for digital encoding. Once that’s done, we can accurately map the structure. We can then modify it digitally to show you the possible outcomes for your project.

Cooler Homes

There’s been a trend in finding greener and more energy-efficient roof replacement alternatives. That’s because homeowners want to reduce their carbon footprint and energy bill. Thanks to innovations in shingle components, that’s now a reality. For example, you can enjoy a metal roof with heat-resistant coating. The metal reflects the sunlight while the coating cuts down on the heat transfer.


Previously, finding the right contractor meant searching through the phone book. After that, you needed to interview many prospects. This can make home remodeling a lengthy task. Thanks to online platforms like Facebook, we can find a reputable contractor faster. More importantly, contractors like ourselves can get feedback and reviews from our clients. This helps us show others our work ethic and standards, and improve our offerings.

Success Rate

With technology, we are able to help our clients with their projects, such as roof repair and replacement. We can give accurate estimates of the bill within minutes, rather than spending days on itemizing costs. We can use the remodeler app to plan out your project faster and better.

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