Proper Attic Ventilation: A Quick Guide

Proper Attic Ventilation: A Quick Guide

Being a homeowner means understanding how the home works to keep you and your family safe, secure and comfortable. That usually means knowing all about your own home, including your attic ventilation system and how it should provide good air circulation to keep indoor air fresh and to reduce moisture levels. 

Types of Vents on Your Roof

A ventilation system usually consists of intake vents and exhaust vents. Typically, as hot air naturally rises, the vents at the lower edge of the roof are the intake vents and those higher up on the roof at the peak are exhaust vents. Here are some examples:

  • Soffit vents – These are most often the intake vents on the roof and are located on the soffit of the roof, which is the underside of the overhang of a roof.
  • Gable vents – Named after roofing gables, they’re located at the sides of a home.
  • Turbine vents – A roofer would typically place these higher up on a roof’s surface and use a wind-powered turbine to suck the hot air out of the roof.
  • Ridge vents – These are ideal as exhaust vents since they run along the peak of the roof.

Determining How Many Vents You Need

One important rule in determining the number of vents needed on your roof is that 1 should be installed for every 300 square feet of attic area (if your attic has a vapor barrier) or 1 for every 150 square feet of attic area (if your attic does not have a vapor barrier). Vents are rated by their net free area (NFA), which is the amount of space the vent has for air to flow in or outside. 

The total NFA of the vents needed on your roof should always be split 50/50 between intake and exhaust. However, that can change if the slope of your roof is more than the average 6:12 slope, which is a rise of 6 feet for a run of 12 feet. This is because there will be more space, heat and moisture to ventilate in your attic.

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