Reroofing a High-Rise Building: the Challenges

Reroofing a High-Rise Building: the Challenges

If you’re a building manager, the upkeep of the entire building falls on your shoulder. Everything from the plumbing to the fixtures are your responsibility, meaning you’ll need to make sure everything is in good condition. Part of this responsibility includes calling a roofer should any damage befall your roof. Every now and then a high-rise building will have to be reroofed but as usual, you’re likely to face some challenges during the process.

Code-Related Challenges

Like every structure in the country, high-rise buildings are subject to building codes. These building codes will need to be taken into consideration during the reroofing process. One of the requirements of a high-rise roof is wind uplift resistance. This is because the taller the building is, the more severe wind-uplift pressure will be.

Another code mandated requirement that a high-rise building roof must have is energy conservation. This means that your roofing company will need to ensure that the high-rise building’s new roof meets the minimum required R-value roofing system insulation.

Design-Related Challenges

While meeting the code requirements is important for any roof, the design is also another vital part that a building manager and contractor will need to get right. This is especially important if you plan to turn it into a rooftop lounge. During the reroofing process, terminations of the previous fixtures, such as the roof equipment screens and curtain wall systems, can be challenging as it will make removing a portion of the adjacent system necessary, which can be a costly procedure.

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