Roof Decking: Everything You Need to Know

Roof Decking: Everything You Need to Know

According to roof repair experts, not many homeowners know much about their roof’s decking. After all, it’s not a portion of the roof that is often seen, and, as such, homeowners tend to overlook this component and its importance. However, as the homeowner, it is your responsibility to know all there is about your roof, beginning with roof decking.

Here’s everything you need to know about it:

You Don’t Always Need to Replace It With Your Roof

A common misconception that homeowners have about their roof decking is that, when you’re replacing your roofing system, you also need to have the deck replaced. This couldn’t be far from the truth as any roofing company will tell you that doing so isn’t always a necessary step during a roof replacement project. This is because the deck can still remain in good condition even if the roof sustains any damage. If there are any portions of the deck that were damaged, on the other hand, contractors will only replace those areas, and the sections that are still in good condition will remain.

A Roofer Can Determine Its State Before Replacing Your Roof

Believe it or not, a roofer can sometimes determine the state of your roof decking before they even start replacing the roof itself, allowing you to determine if the roof deck also needs to be replaced or not. To accomplish this, your contractor will access your attic or crawlspace to view the underside of the decking and check its condition. If there’s no attic, or they can’t access the decking’s underside, however, you’ll have to wait until the old shingles have been torn off to see if it has to be replaced.

There’s More Than One Type

Another common misconception that often surrounds the roof decking is that there’s only one type. In actuality, however, there are five types of roof decking that you can consider. These include: tongue and groove, plank sheathing, oriented strand board (OSB) sheathing, step sheathing and plywood sheathing. To determine which roof decking is the right one for your roof, don’t hesitate to turn to an expert roofer for help and advice.

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