Roof Leaks and Why You Need to Address Them Immediately

Roof Leaks and Why You Need to Address Them Immediately

What do you do when you find out your roof has a leak? Some homeowners tend to ignore them; after all, what can a little leak do to your home? But did you know that even the tiniest leaks can become big problems in the future?

Roof Leaks

Superior Roofing explains why you need to address roof leaks as soon as possible.

Ceiling Stain and Damage

As a professional roofer, we know even the smallest leaks can cause considerable damage to your home—in particular, your attic and ceiling. Leaks can cause the ceiling plaster to bubble and expand, not to mention stain the walls surrounding it. When the leak becomes bigger, staining isn’t the only thing you should worry about. Water damage can affect the ceiling and its supports in the long run.

Leaks Are a Fire Hazard

It may seem counter-intuitive, but a leaky roof is a fire hazard in its own right. Many homes have some form of electric wiring in the attic or ceiling, and when the water manages to get through the leaks, they can short your wires.

Leaks Reduce Your Roof’s Structural Integrity

A leak can reduce the overall structural integrity of your roof. Wood doesn’t mix well with water and if the foundations of the roof are exposed to too much moisture, it’s going to rot and decay. A weakened roof frame isn’t good because it leads to more pressing roof problems, reducing your roof’s overall lifespan. We recommend our roof repair services if you feel the leaks in your home are already compromising your roof’s structure.

Slip Hazard

Finally, a leaky roof can cause puddles to form in your home and this presents a real slip hazard. A small puddle may not seem much, but if you have an active household, it’s a real risk. Additionally, the puddle can also affect your flooring—especially if it’s made of wood. Get in touch with our roofing company today!