Should You Schedule a Spring Roof Inspection?

Should You Schedule a Spring Roof Inspection?

Alabama typically experiences mild winters, but there are still days when it’s unusually cold. While this may not affect the performance of your roofing system, it doesn’t hurt to be absolutely sure. You can determine whether your system has sustained hidden damage by having it inspected in springtime. After all, this is the season when most roofing problems become more obvious. But what makes spring the best time to do an inspection?

1. Looking for possible roof damage is easier. The mild weather ensures you’ll have an easier time conducting a ground-level outdoor roof inspection. Look for damaged shingles and flashing. Check if there are patches on your roof where shingles are missing. You can also confirm if leaves and other debris are already piling up on the roof’s surface and in your gutter system. Once you’ve done a preliminary roof checkup, turn to a roofing company for a more comprehensive and accurate one.

2. Fixing roof damage is worry-free. Springtime is a good season for dealing with existing roof problems. The temperate weather, plus a dry roof surface, will help your local roofer navigate the system safely and easily. These also ensure a faster, more efficient roof repair once the professionals identify the root cause of your roofing problems.

3. Executing more complex roofing solutions is straightforward. If your roofing system has sustained serious enough damage – and the spring inspection has confirmed that repairs won’t work anymore – the more permanent solution to this is a replacement. This project can take a while, but the work can be completed more smoothly because of the pleasant weather. Here’s another benefit: because you’re already done replacing your roof in spring, you no longer have to worry about any roofing issues affecting vacation plans and energy bills in summer.

When in need of a detailed and accurate roofing inspection, look no further than Superior Roofing. We’ll also expertly deal with the issues we uncovered. This way, your roof can continue providing the superior performance you expect. We serve Phenix City and Auburn, AL, and the nearby areas. Call us today at (334) 821-8411, or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.