The 4 Steps to Become a GAF Master Elite® Roofer

The 4 Steps to Become a GAF Master Elite® Roofer

As the largest manufacturer of roofing products in the entire country, GAF requires excellence from its contractors. From their Timberline HD® Shingles to their Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty, they provide the best materials in the industry. That’s why it is an honor for any roofing company to become a GAF Master Elite® contractor.

The 4 Steps to Become a GAF Master Elite® Roofer

To be recognized by them, there are four stringent qualifications a contractor should fulfill:

1. Insured and Licensed

Before any contractor can be recognized, they must first have the license to operate and proper insurance. That’s because these contractors ensure professional service and protection for the customers from any problem, including litigation or otherwise.

2. Minimum Years of Experience

You don’t become an expert overnight. That’s why GAF requires a minimum of seven years of roof repair, replacement and installation experience, which equates to on-the-job experience and success in the local community. Speaking of which…

3. Local Satisfaction Rating

This is where the mark of high-quality service is determined. GAF requires all its candidates to have a 99% local satisfaction rating. This means that the company must provide impeccable service to their local customers. Giving our clients what they need and exceeding their expectations are standards for which we continually strive.

4. Commitment to Ongoing Training

Lastly, all roofers in the company must be willing to do ongoing training. With this training, our experts learn more techniques and tips on how to improve their craft. This can then be used to help our customers with the latest trends in roofing services.

It is our honor that Superior Roofing is officially recognized as a GAF Master Elite contractor, allowing us to provide you with the best products and warranties. For example, we can offer GAF’s Golden Pledge Limited Warranty. It has a 50-year coverage for 100% protection against all material and manufacturing defects.

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