The Usual Causes of Roof Sagging and How to Prevent It

The Usual Causes of Roof Sagging and How to Prevent It

Roof sagging is a major problem for every roof, regardless whether it’s the commercial or residential variant. This is a telltale sign that there’s some major damage in your roof’s structure that was left unchecked and is now causing problems. If you want to know the exact cause of your roof and if you’ll need a roof replacement, there are actually many potential causes that will need to be examined by a professional. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t know what these potential causes are.

Improper Construction

If your roof was recently installed, and you’re already notice it sagging after a few months or years, it’s possible that it wasn’t installed or constructed properly. One example of this for residential roofs is an excess amount of shingle layers on the roofing deck, which adds additional weight to the entire structure.


On the other hand, the age of your roof may also be the reason why it’s sagging. If the roof has some years behind it, and you notice that it’s starting to sag, it simply means that it’s approaching the end of its lifespan and should be replaced as soon as possible before it causes major problems for your home.


Too much weight or load can cause damage to your roof that will require roof repair services. One example of this in the northern states is a buildup of snow and ice during the winter season. In other places, meanwhile, water buildup on the roofing system can be another cause of a sagging roof. This is especially true for commercial roofing systems, which are more susceptible to pooling water.

How to Prevent Roof Sagging

Depending on the problem and its severity, there are actually numerous ways you can prevent your roofing system from sagging. One way of doing so is to reinforce the framing. However, if the material needs to be replaced anyway, consider having the old sheathing torn off and install larger rafters in their place. Inspections and regular maintenance are other foolproof ways of preventing your roofing system from sagging.

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