Things That Can Add to the Total Roofing Cost

Things That Can Add to the Total Roofing Cost

Every roofing job is different, which means the total cost of your roof repair or replacement will vary depending on several factors. A reputable contractor will have to visit your home to measure and inspect the whole roof system. That way, the pros can provide you a proper, reasonable estimate. There are, however, many items that can add to the total cost.

Things That Can Add to the Total Roofing Cost

The Roof’s Size and Pitch

Working on a larger surface area means more materials and labor. The price of the material also depends on the roof’s pitch. Steep, high-pitched roofs are more dangerous to work on, requiring more safety equipment for the roofers. Harnesses and temporary railings will affect the project’s total cost.

The Roof’s Accessibility

Some homes are easier to access than others. Roofing materials and equipment that can be driven right to your property may have a lower final price than those that have to be hauled from a certain distance.

The Chosen Roofing Material

The prices of every roofing product being used for the roof repair or replacement plays an important role in the aesthetics, weight, durability and longevity of the roofing system. Copper, while quite expensive, makes the roof look beautiful and is certain to last a long time. High-quality shingles don’t cost as much, but they help in boosting the home’s curb appeal while being weather-resistant.

The Extent of the Damage

The severity of the damage will determine the materials for the project and the timeline required to complete it. Repairing a leak won’t be that much of a deal, though expect more time and labor, and a higher price tag when major damage is involved.

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