Top Reasons to Skip DIY Roof Installation

Top Reasons to Skip DIY Roof Installation

Many homeowners choose to install their own roofs because of many reasons: the perceived savings, the urge to build with their own hands or simply because it looked easy to do based on some video they saw online. But the truth is that leaving roof replacement to professionals offers benefits that outweigh what you may get with DIY roofing. Here’s why you should simply call your local roofer.

It’s Dangerous

Working on steep-sloped roofs requires safety training and equipment. Not having either is taking a huge risk and not just because it takes a long time to recover from fall-related injuries. Imagine such an accident happening while the roof is already stripped – it could leave your home vulnerable to the elements.

Professionals like us, on the other hand, periodically receive safety training, use heavy-duty safety equipment and perform strict safety checks before climbing on to a roof. Plus, our insurance coverage includes workers’ compensation, which protects you from liability in case one of our own suffers such an injury.

You’ll Have Minimal Warranty Coverage

Most manufacturers sell roofing materials at retail, which lets DIYers install their own roofs. But, you should be aware that the warranty coverage will likely be limited to issues caused by factory defects. The coverage will also depend on certain conditions like whether you have followed the correct installation procedures. You may receive replacements for the defective materials, but you will be on your own with the tear-off and disposal costs.

Problems caused by installation errors – which are far more common than factory defects – likely do not have coverage as well. A professionally-installed roof does not have these problems. In fact, if your roof is installed by a GAF Master Elite® contractor, even the tear-off and disposal costs will be covered at most warranty levels.

It Simply Looks Good

Not everyone has the skills or resources to complete a complex roofing project, and more often than not, you can tell if a roof was installed by a DIYer. A professionally installed roof looks clean and has all the necessary components, from ridge vents to ice and water barriers, that ensure a long-lasting and reliable roof.

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