Your Roofing Estimate: What Should Be in It?

Your Roofing Estimate: What Should Be in It?

Fall is the best time to catch up on your roofing projects before the more punishing winter months arrive. And although planning your roofing project and finding a roofer to do it is simple enough, you have to be a bit critical about the bid and roofing estimate they present you.

Your Roofing Estimate: What Should Be in It

Superior Roofing discusses the elements that should be in your roofing estimate.

Check for the Payment Terms

The payment terms should be the first thing that you look for in your estimate, and your roofer needs to spell this out clearly. Terms include down payments and progress payments, and the final payment on the project. In-depth details, such as the kinds of materials they will use, should also be broken down on the estimate. If your project requires any add-ons, they should be listed as well.

Labor, Materials, and Permits

Your prospective roofer also needs to list the cost of materials and labor for your project. For larger projects, such as roof replacement, the estimate should also include the costs of permits that your roofer will have to acquire as they are necessary to actually do work on the project.

Other Details

Some other details that need to be in your roofing estimate are basic information on the kind of shingles your roofer will use, as well as flashings, ventilation, and the underlayment of the roofing structure. These may not seem like necessary details, but in the case of ventilation, they are crucial in the performance of your roofing during winter.

Superior Roofing offers professional roof repair and replacement services. When you work with us, we make sure that your roofing estimate lists all the necessary details so you know exactly how your roofing project will go. Call us today at (706) 322-9032. We offer complete roofing services throughout Phenix City, AL.